Learn How to Build a More Secure Smartphone with SecureIT Mobile Government

The ObamaBerry and Jack Bauer phones – not just for Presidents and super secret agents anymore.

Stay ahead of the black hats and beat your competition with SecureIT Mobile Government from General Dynamics Broadband.

SecureIT Mobile Government is the way to build and deploy secure communications for agency CIO's, corporate IT, government contractors, integrators, OEMs, and mobile network operators — using OKL4 mobile virtualization with COTS hardware and software.

To date, securing enterprise apps, voice, and SMS required costly custom hardware and proprietary software stacks, resulting in one-off handsets and radios, saddling public employees and government workers with yet another device to carry, locking in their employers to a single vendor, and presenting IT support staff with platforms that are difficult to maintain and impossible to upgrade.

Now, General Dynamics Broadband, the world's leading provider of mobile virtualization solutions, delivers SecureIT Mobile Government — the solution for building secure smartphones.

Download our complimentary SecureIT Mobile Government white paper to learn more. You'll discover how to:

  • Eliminate emerging security threats to mobile communications
  • Deliver unified secure communications for enterprise apps with voice and SMS
  • Integrate commercial off-the-shelf handsets (COTS), open OSes, readily-available applications and encryption technology, and mobile virtualization into a secure communications platform
  • Architect secure communications platforms with secure cells and fine-grained security capabilities
  • Avoid vendor and technology lock-in from proprietary and custom-made solutions

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