Ubiquitous mobile virtualization - hundreds of millions of devices and counting

General Dynamics Broadband leads the market in mobile virtualization - General Dynamics Broadband software ships in more than 1.4 billion mobile/wireless devices, and the number of phones that rely on OKL4 mobile virtualization and microkernel technology continues to increase.

General Dynamics Broadband is also reinventing the way device OEMs and mobile network operators (MNOs) go to market with new solutions and business models. For example, OKL4's mobile virtualization solution powers the world's first virtualized handset, the Motorola Evoke QA4.

Serving the mobile/wireless ecosystem and beyond

General Dynamics Broadband focuses on the needs of mobile OEMs, MNOs, and semiconductor suppliers, offering a range of benefits to mobile ecosystem participants: reduced time-to-market, lower BOM cost, improved security, and improved reliability.

These same benefits apply to a wide range of connected device applications. General Dynamics Broadband solutions enhance any embedded design requiring mobile virtualization and componentization, including:

  • Mobile/Wireless
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Industrial Automation and Instrumentation