Open Kernel Labs Mobile Solution Enables the Hottest New Smartphones

September 27, 2011

Chicago – September 27, 2011 - Open Kernel Labs (Open Kernel Labs), provider of embedded virtualization software for mobile phones and broadband Internet devices, today announced that the OKL4 microkernel now enables a range of popular new smartphones, including the HTC Thunderbolt and Sensation, the LG Revolution, the Motorola Atrix and the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Captivate.

Through its integration with select Qualcomm chipsets, including the 8k Mobile Station Modem™ (MSM™) chipsets, OKL4 can be found in mobile devices manufactured by companies such as Apple, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung and others. These handsets and other devices are sold by leading wireless operators including Verizon and Sprint.

Open Kernel Labs market-leading mobile software, OKL4, is now deployed in more than 1.5 billion mobile devices. According to VisionMobile, Open Kernel Labs is one of only five embedded software companies worldwide that have broken through one billion total deployments (as of December 2010).

Open Kernel Labs mobile virtualization technology supports multiple trends in mobile/wireless: rapid growth in smartphone deployment by enhancing military-grade security, expanding the use of consumer handsets to power enterprise mobility, and by lowering bills-of-material costs (mass-market smartphones).


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About Open Kernel Labs

Open Kernel Labs is the global leader in virtualization software for mobile/wireless devices and embedded systems. Open Kernel Labs software is deployed on more than 1.5 billion mobile phones worldwide. Semiconductor suppliers, government contractors, Agency IT management in public safety and national security, mobile OEMs, mobile network operators, and enterprise IT depend on Open Kernel Labs to deliver high assurance solutions that decrease BOM cost, reduce complexity, and speed time-to-market.


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