Open Kernel Labs Showcases Milestones on One-Year Anniversary

April 14, 2008

CHICAGO – April 14, 2008 – Open Kernel Labs (Open Kernel Labs), a global provider of embedded systems software and virtualization technology, showcases milestones on the first anniversary of its public launch.  In just one year Open Kernel Labs has established a strong position in the market, shipping OKL4 in millions of handsets per month. Open Kernel Labs participated in over 20 industry events - in speaking engagements, in partner meetings and as exhibitors. This year Open Kernel Labs also garnered series A-round funding and established an aggressive roadmap.

“Starting Open Kernel Labs with a global customer base and a strong demand for our technology gave us unique initial momentum” says President and CEO Steve Subar.  “This momentum continues to grow, fueled by a talented and passionate team of individuals, a robust developer Community, major technology breakthroughs and market recognition. We look forward to continuing our momentum through 2008 and beyond.”

Open Kernel Labs hit the ground running with 14 years of research and development of Intellectual Property (IP) transferred from National ICT Australia (NICTA) and the University of New South Wales. These partnerships continue to supply the company with leading edge technology and IP.

With global contracts already in place with the world’s leading chip set and hand set manufacturers, Open Kernel Labs quickly achieved the following:

Customer and Product Milestones

•    Delivered OKL4 under an open source and a commercial license, allowing developers to explore, evaluate and experiment and enabling commercial users to deploy OKL4 in commercial products
•    Delivered the company’s secure virtualization roadmap
•    OKL4 is included in Toshiba mobile phones, demonstrating OKL4 readiness for use in high volume commercial devices
•    OKL4 enables HTC mobile devices and smartphones, establishing its presence with a manufacturer that supplies the world’s leading carriers
•    OKL4 supports ARMv4, ARMv5 and ARMv6, MIPS32 and MIPS64, x86-32 and x86-64, making OKL4 available for the most popular processor architectures today
•    Provided support of guest operating systems including Linux and a range of RTOSes, reducing the time for developers to realize the secure benefits offered by OKL4
•    •    Delivered OKL4 integrated with Fluffy Spider Technologies’ FancyPants advanced GUI platform and co-developed the OpenMoko reference design, demonstrating tangibly, the benefits of an OKL4-based system

Partner Milestones

•    Signed Aiji System as a Korean reseller, expanding presence in the Asian market.
•    Established a research and marketing alliance with Fluffy Spider Technologies, providing off the shelf integration of these leading technologies
•    Joined the ARM Connected Community and MontaVista’s Partnering Program, demonstrating Open Kernel Labs commitment to the extended developer community and industry ecosystem
•    Joined the EEMBC Embedded Hypervisor Benchmarks Working Group to facilitate the development of meaningful objective measures of virtualization performance

Company Milestones

•    Won the Australia Information Industry Association iAward
•    Completed Series A-round funding from Neo Technology Ventures
•    Awarded Disruption Zone status at Embedded Systems Conference

Over the course of the year, Open Kernel Labs appointed a team of executives, including; Dennis Baer, CFO, Rob McCammon, VP Product Management, and Marti Konstant, VP Marketing.  The company also launched a multi-channel Community development program for the already robust OKL4 developer Community. This program includes support wikis, forums, a developer mailing list, in person meet-ups, a corporate blog and on-demand webinars. Open Kernel Labs continues to support and grow the Community of developers, engineers, and hobbyists.

In the next few weeks Open Kernel Labs will share more information about new clients in vertical markets, additional recognition, webinars, Community development and new technology achievements.

Open Kernel Labs

The Open Kernel Labs leading technology in embedded systems software and virtualization enables the development of safe, trustworthy and affordable devices. Backed by the largest, independent team of microkernel developers, Open Kernel Labs delivers OKL4, an advanced microkernel solution, which offers the highest performance combined with strong protection and security features. OKL4 provides developers with a robust, open source platform for building secure, differentiated embedded applications. For more information about Open Kernel Labs and its products visit Open Kernel Labs is a spin out from NICTA, Australia’s preeminent Center of Excellence for Information and Communications Technology,

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