Open Kernel Labs Software Tops the Charts – Now Deployed in 1.2 Billion Mobile Devices

April 06, 2011

Mobile Virtualization Leader Stands Out as Elite Member of Prestigious VisionMobile 100 Million Club

Chicago – April 6, 2011 - Open Kernel Labs (Open Kernel Labs), the leading provider of embedded virtualization software for smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices, today announced that its market leading software, OKL4, is now deployed in more than 1.2 billion mobile devices. 

In recognition of OKL4 market penetration, the company has been included in the prestigious VisionMobile 100 Million Club for the third year in a row. According to VisionMobile, Open Kernel Labs is one of only five companies that have broken through one billion total deployments (as of December 2010). Other members of this elite group include Red Bend, Micron, Nuance, and Myriad Group.

“Open Kernel Labs software is everywhere, and continues to gain momentum with global deployments up 25% in 2010,” said Steve Subar, Founder and CEO, Open Kernel Labs. “We estimate that number will exceed 30% by the end of this year.”

OKL4 is now incorporated into popular mobile devices from almost every major manufacturer including the HTC Inspire 4G, the Motorola Droid series and the Samsung Fascinate.

The 100 Million Club is published semi-annually by VisionMobile, which is a market analysis and strategy firm specializing in mobile software. The 100 Million Club designation celebrates software suppliers that establish significant share in the mobile handset market through deployment in 100 million or more handsets.  

“Total handset shipments for the second half of 2010 totaled 780 million, a 25% increase over the first half of the year,” said VisionMobile Research Director, Andreas Constantinou. “As the market for smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices continues to grow at this rapid pace, mobile virtualization products from vendors such as Open Kernel Labs will play an increasingly important role.”

Key Facts

  • Open Kernel Labs software is now deployed in more than 1.2 billion mobile devices worldwide
  • VisionMobile has recognized Open Kernel with membership in the 100 Million Club for the third consecutive year
  • Handset deployments of OKL4 in 2010 increased by 25%
  • Open Kernel Labs estimates that OKL4 deployments of will continue to grow, gaining another 25% by the end of calendar year 2011

Read the 100 Million Club report at the VisionMobile's Web site —

About Open Kernel Labs

Open Kernel Labs is the global leader in virtualization software for mobile/wireless devices and embedded systems. Open Kernel Labs software is deployed on more than 1.2 billion mobile phones worldwide. Semiconductor suppliers, mobile OEMs, mobile network operators, and enterprise IT depend on Open Kernel Labs to deliver high performance solutions that decrease BOM cost, reduce complexity, and speed time-to-market. 

VisionMobile 100 Million Club

VisionMobile is a leading market analysis and strategy firm in mobile software delivering market know-how to the mobile industry and is the analyst firm behind the watch list of all mobile software products that have been embedded on more than 100 million devices. These products range from operating systems, text and graphical input engines to application environments and browsers. The 2H10 update to the 100 Million Club includes, among many others, products from Nuance, Mentor Graphics, Myriad Group, ENEA, and Nokia.


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