Secure HyperCell Technology

General Dynamics Broadband Secure HyperCell™ Technology uniquely enables systems engineers to design-in software for mobile devices in a way that is easier to develop, easier to maintain, easier to deploy, more reliable, and more secure. This is accomplished by providing the infrastructure required to build complex software systems from multiple simpler subsystems with fine-grained control over resource allocation, communication, and security. Each secure cell in the system offers isolation from software in other cells by establishing dedicated virtual address space for use only by software within the cell.

Secure HyperCell Technology

Secure HyperCell™ Technology


Cells can host multiple types of subsystems, including complete operating system and application environments (i.e. traditional virtual machines), individual functional subsystems (for PIN entry, mobile payment services, or media processing for example), as well as device drivers. Secure HyperCell Technology provides fine-grained control over the communication between cells, offering support for flexible security policy implementations that offer a highly secure environment for subsystems requiring one.

Another benefit of Secure HyperCell Technology is increased reliability as a result of the fault isolation created by dividing complex software across multiple cells. The integrity of the isolation is protected by limiting privileged-mode code to the OKL4 Microvisor and moving operating system kernels and device drivers to user level where any faults or security breaches are better contained. To learn more about the implementation of Secure HyperCell Technology visit Solutions and Products or contact General Dynamics Broadband.

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