Motorola Evoke Teardown

Mobile Handset Teardown:
Designing and Deploying with Mobile Virtualization


In the last decade, virtualization has evolved from esoteric mainframe technology to mainstream enabling software for enterprise servers and desktop computers. With the rise of ubiquitous mobile computing, on smartphones and netbook computers, virtualization is coming into play to enable an increasingly itinerant workforce and personal computing users on-the-go.

This white paper examines the economic impact of virtualization as a core component of mobile handset design. In particular, it offers readers a "tear-down" of key device components (hardware and software) and analyzes how mobile virtualization reduces and re-allocates costs on the Bill of Materials (BOM). It also identifies incremental benefits from embedding virtualization in mobile devices, including perform-ance and power management, as paths to both cost reduction and differentiation in a dynamic marketplace.

In illustrating the advantages of mobile virtualization, this white paper makes frequent reference to actual shipping handset designs, and to the Motorola QA4 Messaging Phone in particular. This document, however, is not strictly speaking a literal teardown of that device, the details of which are not fully disclosable.

Who Should Read This White Paper?

This document is intended to help technical decision makers assess the promise and the reality of mobile virtualization. In particular, this white paper strives to assist:

  • Wireless device OEMs and mobile operators
  • Developers and Development Team Managers
  • CTOs, VPs, and Directors of Engineering
  • Product Management Teams

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