The Nirvana Phone Concept Spec and Reference Architecture


This document describes the requirements and architecture for the “nirvana phone”, a concept that would allow the SmartPhone to be used as a full screen computing desktop alternative. Topics covered include:

  • “Nirvana Phone” Concept Overview
  • Example Use Case Scenarios
  • “Nirvana Phone” Architecture
    • Basic Implementation
    • Implementation with the OKL4 Microvisor
    • Alternative Architectures
  • Device Requirements
  • Features / Functions

The Nirvana Phone

Concept Overview

As SmartPhones continue to become more capable, fast networks become more pervasive, and virtual desktops like Citrix XenDesktop go mainstream, it is becoming increasingly possible to use a SmartPhone to perform tasks previously limited to laptops and desktops. Desktop virtualization is a concept that delivers a complete Windows desktop experience as an on-demand service to any user, anywhere.

A virtualized desktop is stored on a central server or blade PC in the data center, instead of on the local client device. When users work from their local client device, all of the programs, applications, processes, and data are kept and run centrally in the data center. This enables users to access their desktops on any capable device, such as a traditional desktop computer, laptop, thin client, or SmartPhone.

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