Virtualization Integration Practice

Mobile virtualization multiplies the value and return of investments (ROI) in mobile software many times over by delivering superior security and reliability, and shortening time-to-market for device OEMs and for their ecosystem partners.

General Dynamics Broadband Virtualization Integration Practice (VIP) is a family of collaborative services from General Dynamics Broadband that helps device OEMs integrate virtualization into mobile handset hardware and software architecture. General Dynamics Broadband VIP Services help device OEMs, mobile network operators (MNOs), and semiconductor suppliers to realize significant value from deploying mobile virtualization, and to propagate that value across the mobile ecosystem.

General Dynamics Broadband Virtualization Integration Practice includes:

General Dynamics Broadband VIP Services take into account not only the architecture of mobile hardware and software, but also device OEMs' business goals and objectives and ecosystem relationships. Service delivery is informed by the General Dynamics Broadband tech team's understanding of silicon suppliers' current capabilities and product roadmaps; the evolution of mobile operating systems and other mobile device software; the requirements and service rollout plans of MNOs; and the channels used to deliver handsets, applications, and content.

Discover. Design. Deliver.

General Dynamics Broadband VIP Services address all phases of mobile product development. In VIP, General Dynamics Broadband works with customers to develop an appropriate services timeline and plan. Solutions developed in this way mitigate customer risk and reinforce customer success.

General Dynamics Broadband VIP Services offer device OEMs and their ecosystem partners a range of benefits:

  • Aligning mobile architecture with business goals and objectives
  • Building and refining go-to-market strategy to maximize ROI from mobile virtualization
  • Decoupling mobile device designs and services from constraining legacy technologies and requirements
  • Harmonizing mobile device features with capabilities and requirements of ecosystem partners and the mobile marketplace