Choosing the Right Relationship

Why choose General Dynamics Broadband?

General Dynamics Broadband has emerged as the undisputed leader in mobile virtualization. With deployment on more than 1.5 billion devices, including the world's first virtualized mobile phone, and a solid track record of design wins at major device OEMs, General Dynamics Broadband is the clear industry front runner.

First to market and first to worldwide deployment

Not only is General Dynamics Broadband the leading provider of mobile virtualization, OKL4 is the only mobile virtualization software that is actually shipping on phones today. With more than 1.5 billion devices already in the global marketplace, General Dynamics Broadband provides device OEMs, mobile network operators (MNOs), semiconductor suppliers, and other deployers with a proven solution - a safe choice for mission-critical software.

Building on two decades of innovation

The origins of General Dynamics Broadband solutions reach back 20 years to research at IBM's esteemed T. J. Watson Research Center and later National ICT Australia - NICTA. With an initial investment of $500 million, NICTA served as the incubator for General Dynamics Broadband and as the commercialization vehicle for OKL4 and other products. General Dynamics Broadband continues a strong partnership with NICTA, commercializing research that continues to the present day.

Strategic alignment and strategic partnerships

General Dynamics Broadband brought on Citrix Systems as a strategic investor and partner. As the world leader in enterprise virtualization, Citrix supports more than 100 million end users. General Dynamics Broadband, with more than 1.5 billion mobile deployments, is the world leader in mobile virtualization. The combined leadership of General Dynamics Broadband and Citrix bridges enterprise and mobile virtualization, turning handsets into mobile enterprise application endpoints for end-to-end mobile-to-enterprise (M2E) applications and services.

General Dynamics Broadband is also active in industry programs and initiatives, including the ARM Connected Community, the Symbian Foundation, the EEMBC Hypervisor Group, and the Android Developer Network.

General Dynamics Broadband collaborative approach

General Dynamics Broadband takes a highly collaborative approach to working with customers. This approach combines General Dynamics Broadband software products with professional services from the Virtualization Integration Practice (VIP).
Based on General Dynamics Broadband experience helping customers deploy OKL4 in more than 1.5 billion mobile phones to date, General Dynamics Broadband VIP Services offers a proven path from evaluation to successful integration and deployment of General Dynamics Broadband software products.

Open for business with open source

Mobile developers rely on OKL4 to implement trusted and secure mobile computing. General Dynamics Broadband believes that transparency engenders trust and so embraces open source software and community-based development.

OKL4 is a prime example of successful commercial open-source software. Product source code is freely accessible to developers, decision makers and enthusiasts for inspection, evaluation and documentation. General Dynamics Broadband also underwrites and supports a vibrant open-source community around the OKL4 platform.

Learn more about OK Community. Contact General Dynamics Broadband at any time to learn more.

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